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EcologyFund on Campus: Get Involved Links

Get Involved

National Wildlife Federation
The mission of NWF is to raise awareness and involve people of diverse cultures and all ages in conserving wildlife and other natural resources and protecting the Earth's environment in order to achieve a peaceful, equitable and sustainable future. This site includes a campus ecology section with a newsletter, tools for action, publications, web links, and links to other campus projects so you can see who's doing what and share your ideas.
An informational source of global environmental issues, unique scientific research project coverage, school ecology club exchange, photo gallery, selected environmentally-related books on our bookshelf, gardening tips for backyard ecologists, coverage of current hot topics and links to related useful sites on Ecology on the Web.

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies offers Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and overseas students an intensive hands-on academic program focussing on our joint environment. The program is conducted in English. Together, our diverse student body and faculty participate in lectures, field trips, group and individual studies. The program provides a balanced scientific, political and social understanding of complex environmental issues. To learn more, click the link above.

Center for Environmental Citizenship
National non-partisan organization founded by young activists in 1992 to encourage college students to be environmental citizens. CEC is dedicated to educating, training, and organizing a diverse, national network of young leaders to protect the environment.�Site includes links to Campus Green Vote, National Environmental Wire for Students, and EarthNet -- a cyber-organizing site to educate people on how to save the environment.�EarthNet includes an environmental job/internship listing, EnviroNation -- a directory of student environmental organizations around the country -- and a legislative action center where anyone can locate any newspaper editor or elected representative and write a letter on a current issue or bill.

Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network is the non-profit coordinating body of worldwide Earth Day activities. The organization promotes a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns. The site includes information on how to take action, Earth Day network's primary environmental causes and goal, its on-line publication, Grist Magazine, listings of Earth Day events around the globe, and the Earthday store where purchases benefit the Earth Day Network.

The EnviroLink Network was created in 1991 by a college freshman, and is one of the world's largest environmental information clearinghouses. EnviroLink is committed to promoting a sustainable society by connecting individuals and organizations through new communications technologies. The site is a clearinghouse of environmental information, organizations, educational and government resources, publications and actions you can take, an environmental newsletter, and links to other environmental resources.

Sierra Student Coalition
SSC, the student-run arm of the Sierra Club, empowers young people to take action to save the planet. The organization allows students to join the network of other student-run organizations to increase their conservation power and have more fun with less effort. The site links to local chapters and the national office which offer unlimited environmental resources to your environmental group. The site also provides instructions on how to start campaigns and lists necessary activist tools.

Student Action Environmental Coalition
SEAC is a youth-run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education. SEAC works to create progressive social change on both the local and global levels. Since it's beginning in 1988, SEAC has grown to include over 1,500 high school and college groups in fifty states. SEAC provides a number of resources for young environmental and social justice activists ranging from publications to skills trainings and one on one consulting, to on-the-ground campaigns for social change.

Audubon Expedition Institute
This site offers information on traveling undergraduate and graduate programs through Lesley College that transform students into inspired, compassionate, environmental educators, leaders, and activists. Students learn about subjects such as biodiversity, geology and natural history, as well as gain knowledge about issues such as environmental justice, sustainable economics, conflict resolution, ethics and environmental psychology. The program is based on the assumption that the best way to truly learn about the environment is to experience it directly.

Youth for Environmental Sanity
Organization founded in 1990 by two teenagers. YES! provides workshop tours for 600,000 students in thousands of high school assemblies and college venues. They offer week-long camps all over the world that inform, inspire and empower youth ages 15-25+ to take positive action for healthy people and a healthy planet. The site provides downloadable manuals with information on how to make your school's campus environmentally friendly and tools for change, and links to information on many environmental and social issues from recycling to environmental racism.

* Unless specifically stated, these sites do not endorse EcologyFund.

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