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About EcologyFund

EcologyFund is owned and operated by The Hunger Site Network as a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet. When you "click to give" our sponsors pay the project you selected to preserve the number of square feet shown by each project. You pay nothing. To maximize the contribution, click on each project every day. If you register, The Hunger Site Network will donate 500 square feet of wilderness in your name, and will keep a running tally for you of all the land you have preserved. Other sites owned and operated by The Hunger Site Network are The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Rainforest Site, The Animal Rescue Site, and

All monies from sponsorships generated on EcologyFund go to purchase and protect wild lands. Sponsors are interested in supporting wilderness preservation for the same reasons we are: 1) its good for the environment, 2) our advertising budgets can do double duty and accomplish something important, and 3) the best form of public relations is good work. If you click and visit a sponsor's site it will usually double their contribution. Clicks to site advertisers in our Special Donations section will save additional land or plant trees. Certain actions (ordering free catalogs or registering for free) will save even more land or plant additional trees through our Rainforest Rewards section. Shopping through Shop For Acres will save an average of 50 square feet per dollar spent. The average amount of land protected through each action of the site is always specified. A breakdown of the amount contributed is listed in our totals section.


Tim Kunin is a life long lover of wilderness, who has canoed and hiked for thousands of miles in the United States, Canada, and Patagonia. He started working for environmental causes at the University of Michigan, where he met his business partners Dave DeVarti (SGI Publications) and Greg Hesterberg (SGI and while working on the Michigan Bottle Bill ballot campaign of 1976. As part of that effort, Tim walked 200 miles across the state, to publicize the need for recycling. Tim developed EcologyFund as a new way for Internet users to contribute to wilderness preservation.

"Preserving the wild parts of the planet is an important legacy we can leave our children. EcologyFund allows each person to save a little wilderness everyday. These donations add up, so that each person can save more than an acre a year. With thousands of people clicking every day, we will be able to save tens of thousands of acres of critical wilderness habitat every year."

Greg Hesterberg was chairman of two statewide consumer and environmental organizations (MaryPIRG and PIRGIM), while in college. He met his future business partners while coordinating work on the successful Michigan Bottle Bill. After 20 years running a successful local publishing firm, SGI Publications, he developed as a way to use the Internet to benefit charities.

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Matt Kazmierski - EcologyFund web designer.
Brian Smith - merchandise and content management
Jim Schueler of TQIS - Programming

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