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The Project: Reduce Pollution
Background Information | Green energy | What you can do

What does green power/clean, renewable energy mean? How would switching to green sources reduce pollution?

Renewable (green) energy is energy from the sun, wind, plants, heat from the earth, or other sources that do not harm the environment. These sources of energy can be an important part of our energy supply and can help reduce acid rain, smog, and nuclear waste.

What is energy efficieny and why is it important?

Energy efficiency means using less energy while achieving the same amount of comfort or service. Major breakthroughs in technology allow us to drastically reduce our energy consumption in our refrigerators, appliances, heating, air conditioning, and just about everything that relies on electricity.

Our energy use has a huge impact on the environment. We may not think of the environment when we turn on our light switch or turn up the heat, but our energy consumption is one of the leading causes of ozone depletion, nuclear waste, and acid rain.The more efficiently we use electricity, the less we pollute and the more money we save.

How much pollution is in the energy that I use every day?

Visit the ELPC's Pollution Calculator to find out.

What Pollution is in Your Electricity?  Visit the Pollution Calculator to find out

Energy & Pollution Factoids from Sierra Magazine:
  • If you replaced your Ford Excursion with a Honda Insight, over its lifetime you'd save $11,000 on gas and produce 107 fewer tons of CO2.
  • If you replaced your 1972 refrigerator with a 2001 model, you'd cut CO2 emissions by 1,100 pounds a year and save $80 a year on your energy bill.
  • If you replaced your top-loading washing machine with a new front-loader, you'd save $100 a year in energy, water, and detergent.
  • If you replaced your 75-watt incandescent lightbulb with a 20-watt compact fluorescent, you'd get the same amount of light but save 1,300 pounds of CO2 and $55.

NEW! Find out what your ecological footprint is!

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How to Make your Home GREEN this Spring!

EcoCalculatorLet the ENERGYguide EcoCalc guide your home to a Greener Spring. Just by answering seven simple questions about your home's energy use, the EcoCalc can suggest ways you can reduce CO2 emissions and save money.

Click here to purchase energy efficient products and remove 10 lbs. of CO2 per dollar spent.

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