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EcologyFund uses cookies stored on your computer to link up your daily clicks with your EcologyFund identity. We need this so we know it's you when you visit the site and when you are clicking, and so that we can add your clicks to your own total and that of the group you belong to (if you belong to a group). Without the cookie, your clicks will still save land, but they will not count towards your own achievements or your group's.

In this era of firewalls and browser security settings and ad and popup blockers, it's very easy for cookies to get disabled or deleted. If that happens, then your clicks will not register for you or for the group that you are a member of.

Here is some information on what you should see if everything is working properly - and how to put it right if the site is not properly functioning for you:

Check regularly that your clicks are counting
Look in the left-hand pane on the Save Land page. Everything is good if you can see
* Your name and totals under under "My EcologyFund",
* The name of the group that you belong to and totals under "My Group Info," and
* They both increase when you click on the save land buttons.

I can't see my name in the left hand panel under "My EcologyFund"
Are you registered at EcologyFund? If not, please visit our registration page.
Are you logged in? Check the left hand pane for the "My EcologyFund" section... if it is there, you are logged in.

If these measures don't work, maybe your cookie has been deleted or messed up.
Then you have a few extra steps to take. Bear with us here, this is all worth while. Ask a friend to do this for you if you have computer-phobia.

1. Delete the EcologyFund cookie.
Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/General/ Under "Browsing history" Choose Settings/View Files Sort by site, find or and delete all ecologyfund cookies. OK out of all the dialogue boxes.
Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Privacy, click on the "Show Cookies" button, find ecologyfund and delete all ecologyfund cookies. Close out of all the dialogue boxes.

2. Re-register with EcologyFund
Just your name and email. Make sure you use the same email you used when you first registered. Click the "Register" button down at the bottom.

3. When it tells you you are registered, MAKE SURE you click on the link "Click here to return to Ecologyfund's home page to begin free donations." This is VERY important. If you just go on using your existing bookmark link, the re-registering process may not work.

4. If the above steps don't work, make sure your browser allows cookies from EcologyFund. Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Sites, paste or type in and click Allow and OK. Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Privacy, click on the Exceptions Button, paste or type in and click Allow and Close.

I can see my name but my totals don't increase when I click.
Go through steps 1-4 above. After this repeat steps 1 and 2 above (under "I can't see my name).

I can't see group name that I'm part of on the left under "My Group Info."
Have you joined the group? If not, register with EcologyFund and then join the group that you are interested in by going here.

The total donations for my group don't increase when I click.
This is a cookie problem. See above under individual totals.

If all else fails please write to [email protected] and describe your problem. We can send you a link to reset your cookie.

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