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October 2, 2000

Visitors to innovative Web site make free donations:
Site expansions allow each EcologyFund user to save over 1 acre per month

Ann Arbor, MI - ( today announced that users of its Web site have made free donations that will save over 100 million square feet of rainforest and wilderness land. EcologyFund is a click-to-donate Web site that aims to harness the power of the Internet to save land in the world's most treasured natural habitats. EcologyFund totals shot past the 100 million square foot mark (over 2,295 acres) this past weekend. The innovative site, which launched in February, offers non-profit land preservation partners the opportunity to post their most urgent projects on EcologyFund. It is EcologyFund's mission to assist in the preservation of critical wilderness around the world.

EcologyFund is the only click-to-donate wilderness Web site that offers projects in the United States, Canada, and South America. Visitors to EcologyFund primarily raise funds by clicking on the "donate" button for each of the six available projects. The visitor then views a page of sponsor banner ads. Site sponsors pay a per-view fee each month to the individual non-profit land preservation groups. One hundred percent of the sponsors' payments go to EcologyFund's non-profit partners. Each visitor currently can save 247 square feet of rainforest and wild lands a day at no cost to them by clicking the donate buttons.

EcologyFund founder Tim Kunin is pleased with the progress EcologyFund has made. Kunin says, "It's working! People are finding EcologyFund, and they are clicking to save wilderness every day. EcologyFund empowers anyone with access to a computer; every click helps save a little piece of our global environment."

With the recent additions of the Rainforest Rewards and Special Donations pages on the site, EcologyFund has increased the overall giving opportunities to unprecedented levels. Now, site visitors can use Rainforest Rewards and the Special Donations pages to save an additional 1,384 square feet of wild land per day. Users who visit the site daily and use all the features make the most dramatic impact. Their donations add up to over an acre (more than 43,560 square feet) of wilderness land saved each month.

Currently, the Rainforest Trust based in the U.K., the Wilderness Land Trust, The Wildlands Project and The Cascades Conservation Partnership based in the U.S., Pronatura of Mexico, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada are official partners of EcologyFund and have projects benefiting from the site.

The greater number of sponsors, the more land saved. EcologyFund is proud to currently have five site sponsors: Novica, CharityMall,,, and Wine Accents. The Environment News Service is an official partner of Links to sponsor Web sites can be accessed from the sponsor banner page on . founder Tim Kunin is available for interviews: [email protected] or 781-461-6161.

Jessica Frost, Publicity Director
216 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104
ph: 734-213.7777
fx: 734-913-5555
[email protected]

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