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Total Land Saved
 3,352,427,603 sq. ft.
 76,961.1 acres
 30,784.5 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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Reduce Pollution by Purchasing Pollution Credits

By visiting this page and seeing the banners above, you have removed 4 pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) - which causes global warming - from the atmosphere, by helping to plant trees in the monarch butterfly forest of Michoacan, SmokestackMexico; through the La Cruz Habitat Protection Project. (more info.) These forests are the winter home for the millions of North American monarch butterflies living east of the Rocky Mountains. By planting native trees to protect the remaining forests, we are helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and also insure that monarch butterflies will continue to exist. If you would like to plant trees to honor a loved one and have them receive a certificate please click here. Note: one ton of carbon is removed from the atmosphere over the next 42 years for every 3.45 trees planted in this forest, so when you plant 25 trees you are also removing 7 and 1/4 tons of CO2! (EcologyFund and The Rainforest Site have planted over 20,000 trees since 1999).

As of 10/01/03, the former reduce pollution project on EcologyFund retired over 2600 tons of CO2 (to fight global warming) and 5 tons of sulfur dioxide (to fight acid rain) by purchasing CO2 and SO2 credits from the Environmental Action Desk and having them retired by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC).

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Please visit the advertisers below to continue removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

 CO2 Removed:  74,679,998 lbs.  SO2 Removed:  10,000 lbs. †
† SO2 totals are complete through 10/20/02. The SO2 project ended 10/20/02.

Thank you for contributing to all of our projects today.

The Rainforest Site

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Monarch Butterfly Certificate

Reduce carbion dioxide (CO2) levels by visiting the sites below!

For every site you visit below, you reduce acid rain pollution by eliminating an average of 1/2 pound of CO2 that causes global warming, from the atmosphere. The pollution credits that are purchased will be donated to the ELPC to be retired. learn more...  

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More info:

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  • Click Here for more information on clean, renewable energy.

Read a recent article about emissions trading, by Emagazine.

Check out Scorecard for a lot of interesting information on pollution.

How to Make your Home GREEN this Spring!

EcoCalculatorLet the ENERGYguide EcoCalc guide your home to a Greener Spring. Just by answering seven simple questions about your home's energy use, the EcoCalc can suggest ways you can reduce CO2 emissions and save money.

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