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Total Land Saved
 3,352,429,393 sq. ft.
 76,961.2 acres
 30,784.5 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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Donate More Totals

As a result of your banner clicks, taking action at featured web sites, and searching the web, EcologyFund is able to donate even more land to its projects each week and reduce pollution! Below you will find the donation totals for each of our "Donate More" opportunities.

Updated Through: 03/30/03
    Started     Total sq. ft.  
Special Donations 7/21/00 41,824,564.6
Rainforest Rewards 8/30/00 13,908,345.5
Search 9/26/00 27,675,149.5
  TOTAL:  83,408,059.6 sq. ft. *  

* Our donate more totals are updated when we receive information from the advertisers. Unfortunately, this information cannot be added to individual totals.

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