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EcologyFund for Teachers: Lesson Plans

One of the strengths of EcologyFund is that it demonstrates the great positive effect that one person can have on the environment by simply taking a minute or two a day. Now, more than ever, students are concerned about the health of our global environment, and they want to do something about it. You can help your students protect endangered plants and animals and their habitats with the simple click of a button. Whether you are a biology, English teacher, or math teacher, it will be easy, fun, and worthwhile to incorporate EcologyFund into your curriculum. The easiest way is to start each class of with a land donation. If you are interested in other easy environmentally friendly actions, click here.

 Computer Science
Design student web pages with a link to

Study the endangered plants and animals of each region we are protecting. Learn about sustainable practice. Find out what "carbon credits" are. Measure your ecological footprint.

Write a letter to an elected official. Click here to send a letter encouraging support of federal funding for one of EcologyFund's projects, the preservation of old-growth forest in the North Cascades. Test your students' vocabulary and reading comprehension on our site. Write an essay about how the environment affects you and your future. How would your answer change if you lived in one of the regions of the world where EcologyFund has projects?


Create word problems related to land donations in a given period of time by an x number of classmates. Practice conversion skills. For example, one acre = how many square feet? Teach the concept of area with your students donations as data.

Translate the Canadian section into French. Learn about the people, animals, plants in this region of Canada. Write letters in French to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Translate the South American sections into Spanish and learn about the culture in those regions. Learn about Pronatura (in Spanish), Mexico's largest conservation organization. Write letters in Spanish to this organization.

 Historical/Social Studies
Show students their power in our government system by teaching them about other youth-led campaigns. Prepare a lesson about the native peoples in our international projects. The eco-tourism game from our friends at Amazon Interactive is particularly effective in educating students about wise policy choices. Teach students about environmental problems in their area, and how to fix them. Our Political Process links can help you.

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