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Total Land Saved
 3,352,425,836 sq. ft.
 76,961.1 acres
 30,784.4 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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EcologyFund on Campus

You want to learn more about the environment, and you want to have an impact. EcologyFund allows you to do both.

Register Your Campus Organization as an EcoFund Donation Group!
You, as an individual, can click-to-donate on EcologyFund everyday, but imagine if you were able to combine your efforts with other people on campus!

By taking advantage of our group registration capability, each member of your campus organization or school can see how much land they have donated individually, while also contributing to a group total! Encourage friendly competitions between campus groups or other colleges. We will post the totals of the largest group donors on our site every month.

Get Involved!
Clicking on EcologyFund is just one of the great things you can do on campus to change our environment for the better. Use these links to find out more about environmental issues, learn about campus environmental organizations, start your own campus environmental organization, and a whole lot more.

The Political Process
Well-informed, vocal voters can make the difference in important environmental legislation. EcologyFund has provided you with the tools to register to vote, contact your representatives, find out how your representatives have voted, and learn about the pollution problems in your own back yard.

Find a Job
You can continue working for the environment after you graduate. Click on these links for environmental careers organizations and job search engines.

Promote EcologyFund on Campus
Simply telling fellow students about EcologyFund is a great way to do something good for the environment. The more people who donate, the more land we can preserve. In addition, promoting EcologyFund will raise the level of environmental understanding and commitment for all students on campus. We have a great flyer that you can download for free, and place around campus. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the flyer. If you need to download the software, click here. You can also request print copies of this flyer by sending a message to [email protected] and letting us know how many you need.

DOWNLOAD the EcologyFund Flyer (396k)
Get Acrobat Reader
To preview the flyer in .GIF format, click here.

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