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EcologyFund for Kids: Express Yourself Links
Committed to broadening voter participation in the democratic process, provides online voter registration services that enable U.S. citizens, whether they live in the country or abroad, to request an absentee ballot and register to vote online. The site also provides election dates and registration deadlines.

League of Conservation Voters
The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) works to create a Congress that is more responsive to your environmental concerns. As the bipartisan political voice for over nine million members of environmental and conservation groups, LCV is the only national environmental organization dedicated full-time to educating citizens about the environmental records of Members of Congress. The site includes a "Take Action" section where you can write letters to representatives (found by zip code) and find out how your representatives voted on specific environmental issues.

Thomas, Legislative Information on the Internet
Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this site includes public laws by number and roll call votes for the House and Senate. This site also provides links to House and Senate directories, congressional internet services, links to legislative, executive, judicial, and state/local branches of government.

Project Vote Smart
Project Vote Smart provides information on almost every politician who represents you (from your Senators and Representatives to city council members and mayors), as well as information on those who are running for office. Use this site to contact your representatives, find out where they stand and how they've voted on the issues, which groups support them, and who has been giving them money.

Scorecard provides current and extensive environmental information for any community in the country when you enter a zip code. Information includes potential sources of land contamination, toxic chemicals released by manufacturing companies, air quality, and agricultural pollution rates. Once you learn about an environmental problem, Scorecard encourages and enables you to take action - you can fax a polluting company, contact your elected representatives, or volunteer with environmental organizations working in your community.

* Unless specifically stated, these sites do not endorse EcologyFund.

If you have any questions or comments, simply drop us an email at [email protected] .

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