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Ecological Footprint Calculator

This ecological footprint calculator was developed by Best Foot Forward.

To estimate your footprint, select those options that most closely reflect your lifestyle.

I live in
I travel mostly by and usually holiday .
I live in a which I share with .
My heating/cooling bills are relatively for the size of home.
I buy my electricity from sources and energy.
I am a and tend to eat food. 
I produce an amount of household waste most of which is
I think that of the productive area of the planet should be left for other species.

If you'd like to purchase wild land in EcologyFund project areas to pay for your Ecological Footprint please contact us at [email protected]. Acre Certificates are also available from the EcologyFund store. Each hectare (2.5 acres) of wilderness will cost an average of $75. (Each acre costs $30). Visa and Mastercard are accepted and payment plans can be arranged.

Warning: This simple calculator is based on average National data. It cannot accurately reflect all possible lifestyles. For further details about ecological footprint analysis, and how you can calculate the impact of products, individuals, organisations or regions, please see the book Sharing Nature's Interest or WWF's Living Planet Report.


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