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Rainforest Rewards is EcologyFund's latest effort to turn part of the time you spend on the Internet into protected wilderness. The concept is simple: we have linked to a number of interesting and useful Web sites* where your action will result in more land saved. To start, select a Web site that interests you. You can choose from our "Picks of the Day" listed above, from one of the interest categories listed on the right, or you can browse our complete list of sites.

When you visit one of these sites and complete the appropriate action, you donate land to our projects. (Note: Unless otherwise stated, each action can only be counted for a donation once). The action may be signing up for a newsletter, downloading useful software, requesting a brochure for information about that great trip you've been planning, or any number of things. Most of the services offered are free, and we'll be adding new ones frequently. We've made it easy for you by briefly explaining what each site has to offer along with how much land you will donate with your action. If you visit a site through Rainforest Rewards every few days and complete the appropriate actions, you can save an additional 3 acres of wilderness every year!

For each action you take, the site will pay a commission to EcologyFund. At least 50% of that money is equally divided between the EcologyFund projects. How that 50% (or more) translates into square footage is clearly listed in the site descriptions. The other 50% (or less) of the commission goes to help recover EcologyFund's operational costs. Occasionally, you may see that a particular action will give 100% to the projects, or that the entire 50% may go towards one particular project. These exceptions will be clearly labeled. However, EcologyFund will never take more than 50% of the commission, and no money will be taken as a profit; we're just trying to cover our costs.

Special Donation Opportunity Totals

If you are registered on EcologyFund, please note that unfortunately these donations do not appear as part of your individual donation total. However, you can view the total land donated for both of our "Donate More" features (Rainforest Rewards and Special Donations) here. These totals are added to our main Donation Totals as soon as possible.

If you are not registered on EcologyFund, please register and we will donate an additional 500 square feet in your name. We respect the privacy of our clicking public, and use this registration service only as a way of keeping you updated about your donation efforts.

*No endorsement of the companies participating in Rainforest Rewards is either expressed or implied.

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