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The Project: Canadian Wild Lands

[ Picture, Grizzly Bear ]  

[ Logo, Nature Conservancy of Canada ]The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has protected over 800 properties and 1.6 million acres since 1962. EcologyFund is supporting the following projects because of their significance in preserving biodiversity and our remaining wild areas.

Tatlayoko Lake Valley
Valley viewRarely do we encounter the opportunity to secure a large, intact, functioning landscape before it becomes significantly altered by human encroachment. British Columbia's Tatlayoko Lake Valley offers such a chance.

Spectacularly beautiful, the Tatlayoko Lake Valley in British Columbia is also a critical link between the rainforests of the Pacific Coast and the dry, desert-like conditions of the Central Interior. Wide-ranging carnivores - grizzly, cougar, and timber wolf - traverse its length. Moose and mule deer graze its meadows. Waterfowl, including the majestic Trumpeter Swan, follow this natural corridor on their spring and fall migrations.

Beautiful mountain surrounding the valley     the ranch
Click here for a map of the area

The valley is in it's natural state, and EcologyFund is helping the Nature Conservancy of Canada pay off loans for the purchase of a 380 hectare (950 acre) ranch overlooking the north side of the lake. The forested mountainsides, lakeside habitats, and valley meadows provide a wide range of habitats and contribute to bio-diversity.

Pretty valley scenery     Great view in the valley
Read Rick Careless' great story of this project.

To make a donation directly to support the work of the Nature Conservancy of Canada click here.
Also check out Spaces for Nature for more interesting information.

Clear Creek Forest on Lake Erie
The Nature Conservancy of Canada is trying to acquire a remarkable 800-acre Carolinian remnant including old growth forest and significant Lake Erie shoreline. The area is a provincial Area of Natural and Scientific Interest and a nominated "International Important Bird Area" with some of the largest trees in southern Ontario and several nationally imperiled species.

Clear Creek Forest on Lake Erie   Clear Creek Forest on Lake Erie   Shoreline

Virgin Prairies

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is trying to protect the remaining tracts of Manitoba's virgin Tall Grass Prairie (less than 0.02% remains), home to over 270 plant species (including Canada's only site for the endangered Western Prairie Fringed orchid), 155 bird species, 35 mammal species and 48 types of butterflies. One half of all EcologyFund's Save Canadian Wilderness monies are going to this project because of its importance.

  [ Picture, Prairie ]

>To make a donation directly to support the work of the Nature Conservancy of Canada click here.

For more information:
  Listen to NPR's "Yellowstone to Yukon" special.
  Wild Species 2000 status of Canadian wildlife compiled by Environment Canada
  Wild Species 2000 Report in PDF format (3.39 MB)
          Get Acrobat Reader

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