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Total Land Saved
 3,352,427,528 sq. ft.
 76,961.1 acres
 30,784.5 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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Why choose email? In addition to supporting a great cause and protecting more land, email is one of the most powerful, reliable, and fast web-based email programs around. We've partnered with, a leading web application provider, to bring you an email system recently awarded 4 stars by PC Magazine. For more information about the capabilities of email, check the feature list below.

Secure, permanent email accounts that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Enormous Accounts
Whopping 25MB accounts are one of the largest available and can store large attachments and vast quantities of mail.

Extremely Fast
Lightning fast service due to our world-class network.

Send up to 3 attachments of unlimited size.

Bulk Mail Options
Junk mail can be automatically sent to an alternate folder.

Email Notification
Users can get notified at another email address when they receive mail.

Convenient folders allow users to create new folders as needed and move messages into any folder directly from the inbox.

Address Book
Store names, birthdays, comments, and group multiple contacts together.

POP Mail Retrieval
Instantly retrieve messages from POP accounts.

HTML mail capability lets users enhance their messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.

Account Status Reminder
Welcome page displays the number of unread messages and mail storage space used.

Built-in help explains all features at every step.

Message Search
Message search lets users find messages that contain a particular word or phrase, were sent on a specific date, are a certain size, etc.

Personal Signature
Users can create and change their personal signature.

Aliases & Reply Addresses
Outgoing mail can be personalized with aliases and reply addresses.

Personal Profile
Personal information can be edited and updated and the password can be changed anytime.

Fast, Reliable & Scalable
We've partnered with Cisco, Network Appliance, Sun, F5 Networks, and AboveNet to develop services that are fast, reliable and massively scalable. Our superior technology lets us back all of our services with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 99% uptime.

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